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Heartbreaking Human Interest Story of the Day: A 2-year-old baby girl found alive but critically injured in an Indiana corn field following yesterday’s devastating tornado outbreak is the sole surviving member of her immediate family.

The child was found in a corn field near her home in New Pekin. She was taken to a hospital in Salem before being transferred to a hospital in Louisville, Kentucky, where she is currently listed in critical condition.

A spokeswoman for Kosair Children’s Hospital said the girl’s parents and two young siblings perished during the storm. Her extended family is currently with her at the hospital.

Officials provided no further details, but neighbors said the girl’s family was last seen holding hands and praying on the floor in the hallway of their mobile home.

Resident Jason Miller reportedly attempted to move the family to his larger mobile home, but it was too late.

Miller’s girlfriend Beverly Lanham told the Louisville Courier-Journal her boyfriend was picked up by the tornado along with his neighbors, and tossed across a nearby road.

The 31-year-old survived — the family, save for one member, did not. 

Yesterday’s tornado outbreak — potentially the worst March outbreak in recorded US history — has claimed the lives of at least 38 people across five states, and injured hundreds of others.

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Two days ago, you guys stepped up once again to show the world just how much we care about protecting the Internet. Together, we generated more than 140,000 calls to Senators, spent more than 4,200 hours on the phone with their staffers, and blacked out 650,000 of our blogs to make our point and inspire others to get involved. And what’s more, this was on top of the 90,000 calls we sent to members of the House of Representatives a month ago. Incredible.

It’s now becoming clear just how much impact our action is having. On January 18th, only 31 members of Congress opposed these bills. Just one day later, 101 members of Congress publicly stood with us in opposition. We are being heard.

And as of today, it looks like both the Senate PIPA and House SOPA bills have been shelved, for the moment. It seems pretty likely that the bills won’t pass as written—a big first win. We now hope that Internet companies, the creative community and the content industry join together to innovate and devise new partnerships to combat online piracy. We’re confident there are effective ways to do this without damaging the Internet or diminishing our freedoms.

You’ve made a big difference in keeping the Internet a safe and open place for creators. Thank you again.

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